Tips for Storing & Organizing Your Jewelry

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amanda Gizzi with Jewelers of America provides ideas for keeping your jewelry organized.

    Amanda Gizzi: Hi I am Amanda Gizzi with Jewellery Information Center. And I am here to give you some tips for organizing your jewelry.

    If you are most Americans your jewelry collection is not nearly as organized as it should be. Keeping your jewelry neat and tidy saves you time and prevents it from getting scratched lost or tangled.

    Here are some simple tips to make over your jewelry box. Start by separating your everyday pieces, sort through all of your jewelry and pull out the pieces you love and wear often. Store these in a manner that makes them easy to access.

    Always keep your jewelry in a clean, dry place. Don't jumble your jewelry pieces in a drawer or case. Pieces especially earring posts can scratch each other and necklaces can get easily tangled with one another.

    Keep your jewelry in a fabric lined case or in a box with numerous compartments and dividers. This will keep your jewelry tangle free and untarnished.

    Make sure your silver isn't exposed to air and light during storage. This can cause it to tarnish. Those cute open air organizers you see on DIY shows are not ideal for sterling silver or other types of jewelry such as pearls.

    A hanging organizer with clear pouches is a great way to keep your earring separate and visible. Place one earring in each pouch to ensure that the post will not scratch the other earrings. Hang the pouch on your closet door for easy access.

    Small zip closure bags make great jewelry storage bags. Keep the class of the necklaces just outside the zip to keep your necklaces tangle free. When traveling, the small packaging helps you travel without bulk.

    Always thoroughly rinse and dry your jewelry after cleaning and before storage. Keep irreplaceable jewelry in an in-home safe.

    With this tips you will keep your jewelry safe, sorted and easy to access.