Tips To Avoid Road Rage While Driving

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    AAA discusses their top tips to avoid road rage when you’re driving.

    William E. Van Tassel: Stressful situations and unpleasant driving conditions are recipe for aggressive driving road rage and we all know that nothing could happen when these factors are in play. Here are few tips to help prevent aggression and anger from becoming a problem behind the wheel.

    Expect other drivers to make mistakes, they maybe distracted or inattentive. Well they may not have the knowledge or skill that they should have. Instead of responding, view these driver actions as simple errors, rather than move specifically, intended to cause you trouble. Delay driving when upset or unwind before you get on the road. Most emotional upsets are temporary. If you must drive, wait until the strength of the emotion has faded.

    If you're driving when you become upset, find a place to stop and unwind. Take a shorter walk or take a few deep breaths, listening to a soothing music can also help. Try not to give other drivers cause to become aggressive.

    For example, avoid following to close to the vehicle ahead, don't change lines unnecessarily, and always use a turn signal. In sum, never cause another driver to have to change their vehicle speed or position. Any number of situations may lead to temporary upsets, but smiles and curtsey can be spread among drivers just as easily as anger can.

    If you anticipate potential problems, you can easily overcome frustration caused by other drivers and their effects on your driving. No matter what other drivers do, keep your cool behind the wheel.