Tips To Make Spring Weeding A Snap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates simple tricks that make Spring weeding easier.

    William Moss: The spring garden is a beautiful site and to keep it that way we've got to look out for weeds. Weeds are easy to identify, they are anything that's growing but you don't want it. So the usual suspects, the dandelions, the thistles, the barn weeds, those guys of course are weeds, but even cultivated plants can be weeds if they escape out of the area where you have them.

    Weeds basically break down into two different types; those that have taproots, a long root that runs into the ground like a dandelion or a burdock, and those that are runners that kind of send out stems that run across the ground like a Creeping Charlie, barn weed and even some of the grasses would send out runners right below the ground.

    You want to make sure that you get all of the taproots and all of the runners to get rid of the whole weed. If you leave a piece of the root into ground, or if you leave a piece of that runner across the top, the weed will come back.

    So, you got a couple of options where you are going to weed them out. You can use trowels, but there is a specialty tool called the CobraHead Weeder and this guy is really good. It's ergonomically designed so it can just lift these weeds, right up without you having to do too much wrist action.

    Now some of these may require a shovel, some with the long taproots would get the entire thing and that's one of the reasons why you want to do this in the spring time. You do it in the spring and the weeds will be much smaller and easier to lift.

    If you wait until summer time, a lot of these weeds will be much larger and some weed would have gone to seed, which increases your problem a hundred fold.

    With the right tools and techniques, it's easier to keep your weeds in check, this spring and throughout the year. Get out and grow!