Tips To Simplify Spring Crop Harvesting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss demonstrates how and when to harvest Spring crops and shares tips that simplify the process.

    William Moss: Spring is not just for planning, it's for harvesting too. Many crops grow quickly under cool bright weather. Let's talk harvest the spring crops.

    Cool season crops like lettuce, arugula, pak choi, beets and this beautiful kale here, are easy source of early nutrition. These plants are tough enough that you can sow them in late winter or early spring, but of course having a cold frame or green house will help speed things up.

    The leafy greens contain vitamins and antioxidants that help us fight disease and stay healthy. But to get the most health benefits out of your crops, you are going to have to harvest them at the right time. You want to get them as the plant as fully developed, but before they start flowering too much. And we are a little bit late with this kale, but there are still some good leaves and good buds on here that we can use.

    The best way to harvest leafy greens is to go at the base of the stem or the leaf. You want to take the entire leaf or the entire stem and you can take the whole plant or you can space it out over the time. But you simply want to go down and snip it right at the base and then what you will have, the entire bud, or if you want to do the plant, come down and take the entire stalk.

    Now for your root crops, you want to be sure to grab and pour the entire plant out the ground, at that point gently dust the dirt off, make sure that the skin stays intact. With the right veggies, it's easy to have a spring harvest even in cool weather. Get out and grow.