Tofu Recipes – Easy Stuffed Shells

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Koetke with the Soyfoods Council demonstrates how to make a tofu stuffed shells.

    Chris Koetke: Hi, I am Chris Koetke and today we are going to make two different preparations with tofu and both of these are Italian inspired recipes.

    The first recipe we are going to make is a spaghetti sauce, a pasta sauce and we are going to use this baked tofu Italian style, so there is garlic and herbs. All I have to do is cut this up into kind of a medium-size dice and then just take a jar of your favorite pasta sauce heated up in the pan and then take that tofu, slide it into the pasta sauce, let it simmer for just oh, three, four, five minutes until the tofu is hot and its done. Pour it on top of pasta, it's ready to serve.

    And if you want go ahead and sprinkle it with some parsley leaves and there you have it, a beautiful pasta sauce with heart-healthy tofu. No cholesterol in that tofu.

    Now our second recipe is a little bit more involved and its going to use a different tofu. This time we are going to use soft silken tofu. What that means is that we are going puree or smash up the tofu. We dont want it to retain its shape.

    And so to make our stuffing, just put it into the bowl, you can see how it completely falls apart. And then into this I am going to go ahead and put some mozzarella cheese. Give that a little stir and then into this I am going to ahead and put some Parmesan cheese and some parsley. Also crack one whole egg into that mixture and stir it all up.

    Just go ahead and take our pasta shells. Now these shells were previously boiled in salted water just until they are al dente. And to fill them, take a small amount of our tofu and cheese filing, make sure they are good and filled up. Perfect! This is going to go into a 913 baking dish that already has some tomato sauce on the bottom of it.

    The next step is I am going to take some more of the tomato sauce and just very simply spoon it across the top. Then I am going to take some mozzarella and sprinkle it across the top.

    Next I am going to put some grated Parmesan and I am going to cover the 913 baking dish completely and this then goes into the oven at 350 degrees. It's just going to take about 30 to 40 minutes to cook it. And then for the last five minutes I am going to take the aluminum foil off the top and be sure the cheese browns really nicely.

    Take a look at how beautiful those are when they come out of the oven. All of it with tofu and all of it Italian flavor. Enjoy!