Tofu Recipes – Fried Tofu

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Koetke with the Soyfoods Council demonstrates how to make fried tofu..

    Chris Koetke: Hi! I am Chef Chris Koetke and today I am going to show you how to make fried tofu which is perfect to add into stir fries or even to make tofu fries. The important thing is the type of tofu that we are going to use to make the fries and what we are going to use is a water-packed tofu.

    What does that mean? Well this is the tofu that you purchase in the grocery store in the refrigerated section and it is perishable and what were going to see when we open this up is that inside is lots of liquid, so the first step is that Im just going to remove the liquid from the tofu. I still want to get more liquid out of this tofu and what we are going to do is we are going press the tofu and there is a lots of ways to doing this but this is a great way, this is called the easy tofu press. And look at how simple this is, I just lift it up I put the tofu inside and then very simply I am going to crank down on each side of the tofu press and as I do that its going to start expelling moisture.

    Now it takes about 45 minutes, maybe even longer and you can see how its already been squeezed and its a lot dryer then when we started. Now to make the fried tofu I am going to very simply take the tofu and I am going to dice it up. In the bowl here I have some corn starch and I am just going to put the diced tofu, so I am going to mix this up to be sure to well coated in corn starch and then we just have to fry it. Make sure that that oil is nice and hot so you want sort to heat it up until the oil starts to move a little bit and then I am going to take the tofu chunks out of the corn starch and then into the hot oil they go. Move them around from time to time so they get beautifully browned on all sides.

    We can also make tofu fries. Same basic idea, except this time simply cut these into sort of rectangular shapes and once they are cut, its the exact same procedure for cooking them. When the tofu is nicely brown and good and crunchy, then put them on to a paper towel just to sort of absorb some of the excess oil there.

    Now there is a lot of things that you can do with these crunchy tofu squares here. One of them for instance is I could put them with this beautiful stir fry, it's a vegetable stir fry just toss some into this stir fry, give it a couple of flips and that tofu is going to provide a beautiful crunch along with the different textures of the vegetables. And now you know the secret of great fried tofu. Enjoy!