Tofu Recipes – Tofu Fruit Smoothie

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chris Koetke with the Soyfoods Council demonstrates how to make a tofu fruit smoothie.

    Chris Koetke: Hi I am Chef Chris Koetke and I am going to show you how to make some delicious smoothies with silken tofu and soy milk. And what means is that they are going to be high protein, no cholesterol smoothies. They are perfect anytime of the day, but great for breakfast because that protein really sticks with you and fills you up for a long time.

    Now before we get going with making an actual smoothie I just want to talk a little bit about soft silken tofu. And whats nice about the soft silken tofu is that the way its packaged, you can just put it on the shelf and forget about it basically because its shelf stable. Now once you open it up, you got to keep it refrigerated.

    I am going to began with our soft silken tofu and we use silken whenever we want the tofu to be pured. Put in some vanilla soy milk. The nice thing about this particular recipe is it uses frozen fruits and so you can keep those in the freezer also, so whenever you need a smoothie, it's ready to go. And there is a lots of great frozen fruits, you know things like cherries or we have this mixture of all different kinds of berries and even these peaches over here. Everything is perfect. Put in some of these mixed barriers and to make the smoothie put it on the blender and let it go.

    Just look at how thick and rich and beautiful that is. What happens if you have beautiful fresh fruit instead of frozen fruit? So this is another way of making a smoothie that takes advantage of beautiful fresh in season fruit.

    Now the one thing we dont have in here that we had with the frozen fruit is the frozen part of it. So what were going to do this time is take some ice cubes, just put the ice cubes inside of the blender and this will help to chill it down, so when it comes out of the blender its still going to be nice and icy cold. That goes on to the blender on goes the lid.

    There is a multitude of possibilities that are available to you. You can even try kale or spinach to give it a nutritional boost. Feel free to experiment and now you know how to make great testing smoothies. Enjoy!