Toilet Replacement – Checking Water Pressure and Toilet Size

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nick Marine with Marine Plumbing Service shows us how to replace your old inefficient toilet with a new high-efficient water-sense toilet.

    Nick Marine: Hello! I am Nick Marine with Marine Plumbing Service. We are going to talk about replacing your old ineffective toilet with new high efficient toilet.

    Before we do that I want to talk a little bit about Pressure. The first thing we are going to when checking the water pressure, just take a Water Pressure Gauge and you screw it to the bottom of your water heater. That will check and tell you what your incoming water pressure is? Ideally, your water pressure should be between 60 and no more than 80 pounds PSI.

    Most importantly, if your water pressure is over the maximum required by toilet, 80 PSI, it's best to call a State Licensed Master Plumber to take care of your problem.

    Now let's talk about the sizing and selection of toilets. One of the most important things and one of the most ever looked things is, there are different sizes in toilets. They may get 10, 12, and 14 inch rough toilet. When I say rough, that's the measurement from the center of the actual putty caps or the toilet caps all the way to the back drywall. Not to the baseboard, not to the granite, not to any other kind of surface, to the drywall. 12 inch is very common.

    One thing you want to look at the two sizes, the conventional or standard one is the Elongated what you see here, this egg shape. The other shape for a smaller bathroom is more like a basketball like a hollow round front, just a total circle, it knockoff about three inches off to front. So it gives you the smaller area far more narrow. We get the two choices Round Front or Elongated.

    What we have here is the standard height toilet. You can see we have got 14 inches from the ground to the top around here. The other option you can get is a Right Height Toilet, made by American Standard 16 inches, and it actually reduces the stress on your lower back.

    Now the important thing, just make sure you got the right collar. Sometimes I have gone to job sites, where they bring a long collar. Efficiency, if you go and you buy the bottom line $80 toilet, you are going to problems. You are going to have a phone call to plumber weekly. You have the scrub brush on one side and a plunger on the other. Buy a good quality WaterSense type toilet.

    There also rebates offer in your community and just the best thing you do. That's what you need to know before you install the toilet. Now we are going to actually go ahead and we turn off the water and remove the actual closet supply.