Toilet Replacement – Installing the New Toilet

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Nick Marine with Marine Plumbing Service shows us how to replace your old inefficient toilet with a new high-efficient water-sense toilet. This video will focus on how to install the new one.

    Nick Marine: Hello! I'm Nick Marine with Marine Plumbing. We're talking about today how to remove a toilet and now we're going to show you how to install the new one.

    First, we're going to clean up the wax off of the actual flange, which is the part that holds the toilet to the floor. Once we clean that old wax using the scraper knife, we'll clean that up and then we're going to go ahead and put the new wax ring in and measure to the wall to make sure our brass bolts are in place and set the actual toilet.

    We are going to take this and set this in place, so it sits firmly on the ground just like that. One thing I like to mention is just take a small little handful of toilet paper and push it down into the actual closet over there that keeps emitting gases from coming into your face as you work in. Sometimes you want to use people because of the weight of this one, set it in place.

    We're going to go ahead and connect to that toilet supply hose. Take mini channel locks and screw the flexible standstill suppliers to the water shutoff valve, we are also going to connect it to the toilet itself in a righty-tighty or clockwise fashion. Then we're also going to go ahead and turn on the water by turning in the counterclockwise position and open up the water and test it for leaks once the bowl fills.

    Now, what you want to do is use an acrylic silicone caulk which is very easy, it's water-based. You can just squirt it out with a caulk gun around the whole entire base. I normally use a sponge and push it in as tight as I can and then I dampen the sponge and I wipe it one time and then it dries the place clear and it's very easy, it's water soluble.

    Now, we're getting ready to install the seat cover. This is American Standard Slow Close Seat, clicks on and place. Okay, that just about wraps it up. Important thing to note, if you have an unleveled floor, you even have shims on hand, a small level, just to level up the toilet, we use caulk today, make sure you allow four hours for that caulk to get hard, meaning you don't sit on the toilet.

    Okay, I hope this tutorial helps you in your home projects.