Tomato Planting Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Master gardener William Moss discusses his tips for planting hearty tomato plants that produce a lot of fruit.

    William Moss: As the fall state passes, millions of gardeners rush to pluck their tomatoes. Hi, I am William Moss and today we're going to review some tips and techniques for healthy productive meadows.

    Tomatoes come in all sorts of different varieties, just on this tray we've got some cherries, two or three heirloom, Cherokee purples, really neat stuff and you can grow all of this and a lot more. But you got to do it in your home garden, because they are hard to find in the grocery stores.

    You can grow all these tomatoes if you follow a few simple steps. The first is to choose a healthy strong plant, like this one. See it's got a really thick stock, it's well branched already, it's stalky; it's ready to go outside into the garden. But there are a couple of extra tips that you can do.

    Tomatoes have what's called their adventitious roots. Basically, this is the one plant that you can plant deeper than it is in the pot. So we are going to remove all of these little side leaves, because I want to plant this one even deeper and make it even more stalky.

    Dig a deep enough hole to where you can put the plant in all the way to this first branch. All the rest of the stem, this underground will make more roots. And the more roots you get, the more fruits you get.

    Once you got your tomatoes planted, water them and feed them often and if you are lucky you shouldn't have to do anything else. But tomatoes are susceptible to fungal diseases and some insects.

    So, when you have to reach for a fungicide, get something that's approved for organic gardening, and you really want to stay on top of it and check it for pottery mildew on regular basis, because you want to catch it early.

    Give your tomatoes a good start, watch out for problems and you'll have, happy healthy tomatoes all season long. Get out and grow!