Tools Needed for Attic Insulation

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Home Repair Expert Gale Tedhams discusses the tools needed for attic insulation.

    Gale Tedhams: Hi! I am Gale Tedhams and I am from Owens Corning and we are talking about adding insulation to your attic. We have talked about product options, now let's talk about how to prepare for the job. Good preparation will make the job go smoother. We will talk about the tools we are going to need.

    First, we will need a Stapler and that we will be used to staple the attic vent baffles up to the roof deck and then we have our measuring tape to measure both the attic and the depth of insulation. Also to cut the batts, we recommend a box cutter and then a straight edge, you can use a 2x4, a metal straight edge just to make sure that you get a smooth cut and we will show that later how you do it.

    Now for safety, you are going to need a work light, so that you have good lighting for your job and also a platform to stand on so that it expands the joist, so you don't inadvertently through the joist and into your ceiling. Now, it's often dusty in the attic, so you want to make sure that you are wearing a long sleeve shirt that's loosely fitting. Also we want to make sure we have good work gloves and also safety glasses and a dust mask. Okay now we have got our tools, we have got our safety gear, we are ready to install some insulation.