Tools to Wax your Skis

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Ted Walsh from the Washington DC Ski Center breaks down the equipment you will need to wax your skis.

    Ted Walsh

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    Ted Walsh: So, let's talk about the equipment that you need in order to wax a pair of skis. As I mentioned before, you are going to need a bench, something to prop the skis up on perpendicular, so that you can wax them and then scrape the wax off them, something sturdy enough to hold the skis.

    Also you are going to need, if you are a skier rather than a snowboarder, a pair of brake retainers, or thick rubber bands like these, which we are going to go around the brakes of the skis and get those out of your way. Also you are going to need a scraper, it can be plastic or metal, I prefer plastic, just for safety sake of the ski, metal tends to damage bases, if you have slipped off just a little bit. It could be any size though, any shape, just make sure its sharp because you want to get all the wax off that.

    You are also going to need a structure brush, this is going to be used to buff the ski down, after you have scraped it, and its just going to take all that excess wax off and even put a little bit of a structure in there too, nice smooth pattern.

    Its also handy to have a bench brush around to clean up your surrounding work area, and to just brush off all the extra stuff on the skis, and of course, you are going to need an iron, any iron will do. I have just got a standard iron here, and I work in a ski shop, so really it doesnt matter.

    Let's get started.