Top Construction Jobs In Demand

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julie Baumgartner from describes some of the jobs in demand in the ever-growing construction industry.

    Julie Baumgartner: In recent years the construction industry has been showing positive signs of job growth throughout the country. Many states have added a ton of jobs, and well a lot of them are seeking highly skilled engineers, workers of all types are predicted to remain in high demand as well.

    There are currently three big trends in the construction industry. The first apartment complex construction is a perfect example because it requires nearly every trade on the job; architects, carpenters and electricians are just some of the examples of high demand positions in the construction industry today. The second trend in the ever-growing construction industry is natural gas extraction. Jobs in this field are usually civil engineers who plan the projects and the plumbing engineers who execute them.

    Lastly, the final trend is manufacturing facilities. Along with the manufacturing industry growing itself, the construction industry participation is growing as well. The main desired position is for structural engineers that can both check that the buildings are up to code as well as amend design plans.

    Iron workers as well as electricians are also being widely offered. With many new construction projects going up, the need for workers is great. If you've been looking for work within the construction industry there's no time like the present to go after the job you want.