Top Door Painting Tricks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travis Larson with Family Handyman Magazine gives you some excellent tips for painting doors.

    Travis Larson: Hi, I'm Travis Larson, Family Handyman Magazine. The biggest most successful DIY magazine in the world. Today we're going to talk about painting doors. We're going to start the painting of prime door. This is a brand-new door so we just have to paint it, but here are some tricks to making that look real and professional. Then we're going to show you how to reclaim a hollow core damaged panel door. This door has dings in it scratches, so there is no way to restore this door, so to look like a nice finished oak door. We're going to paint it and hide all that stuff. Last, we're going to show you how to reclaim a steel texture of your door. This door has dents in it that we're going to fill. It's got hand oils on it, we're going to clean off, it's got sticky stuff on it from tapes. We're going to show you how to fix all of that and paint it.

    Let's talk about the tools you are going to need. Believe it or not a hammer, and a pin punch, or a 16 penny nail is part of painting. That's because we're going to use him to take the door off to do this. It is important to take the door off, to get a good job in painting, because it's best if you paint it on a horizontal surface. Then you're going to need cleaners depending on the problem.

    TSP is a great cleaner to use, when you got grimes, dirt, fills, things like that and if you got sticky things like tape, you are removing or decals, this is a real good product to use. It's important to get rid of that residue, and depending on the door and the type of damage you're going to need one of these fillers, here you need a putty knife to put on those fillers, and you need a sanding block, and a 180 good sandpaper to sand after you put those on. Then you're going to need the devices to put paint on themselves. The primary tools, a mini roller like this one. You'll get very smooth results using a roller, but you'll also need a brush if you're painting raised panel door. Almost every door with the exception of the one that's pre-primed already, you'll need to be re-primed. You need a good primer and you need an enamel paint. So let's get started learning how to paint doors.