Top Fall Calorie Burning Exercises

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses the top calorie burning exercises to try this Fall.

    John Basedow: Switching up your exercise routine is an important way to stay dedicated to your weight loss and fitness goals, keeping it fresh and putting yourself in different situations can give you more motivation and have something to look forward to during your workout.

    With the beautiful fall weather here try some of these activities to not only broaden your exercise horizons, but get in shape and enjoy it.

    Running can be boring especially if youre just running on a treadmill with no end sight, instead get out on a trail and run outside, not only do you have more to look at to keep you entertained, but by running outside you have more motivation to complete a distance goal.

    Another top fall calorie burner is mountain climbing. If you dont happen to live near any mountains, no worries, there are many facilities that offer indoor rock climbing. Always dreamed of climbing Mount Everest? Yet step closer by trying this challenging, but fun activity. Roller scatting and roller balding offer effective cardiovascular workouts and strength training that build powerful muscles. It's a great outdoor activity that puts less stress on the joints because its low impact allowing more people who suffer from joint problems to enjoy a fun and thorough workout.

    Set a goal to try something new to stay motivated from one workout to the next. Not only will you get in better shape, but youll enjoy doing it.