Top Fat Burning Food Strategies

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Amy McGorry from Prevention Magazine describes how keeping your eating habits simple is the best way to lose weight.

    Amy McGorry: Forget the fat diets with crazy tips that no one can sustain. If you want to really lose weight, your best eating bet is to keep it simple. Here are three food strategies that can help.

    First get your protein. Protein provides essential building blocks for the daily repair of nearly every cell in your body. Getting enough is critical to your health and vitality and research shows that protein rich food keeps you feeling fuller, longer than either carbs or fats. So you can eat less and still feel satisfied.

    Some great sources of proteins include eggs, yogurts, skinless white meat and beans. Second, eat early. Make sure to have breakfast every morning, it jump starts your metabolism and prevents late day binge.

    Studies have food that dieters are most successful at weight loss when they start their day with a meal. Mix quick cooking oats with low fat milk and adding in some banana, will add a dash of all natural sweetness. Toss in some nuts to make the meal more filling.

    Third, get a handle on portions, most of us each too much. To lose weight you have to eat proper portions. Don't have measuring cups or teaspoons around? Use your hand to measure. For me fish and poultry, one serving is about 3 ounces worth the size of the palm of your hand.

    When eating mix nuts or raisins, aim for one quarter cup or one layer on your palm, one handful. For cereal or popcorn, one cup is a standard serving size, so use two cup hands to measure and those are just a few easy fat burning strategies to help you drop those last few unwanted pounds.