Top Hill Preserve State Park’s Perfect Camping Experience

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    If you were ever looking for that perfect camping experience that sometimes you think only exists on TV or in the movies, you might want to plan your next camping trip here.

    Brent Lane: Hey, its Brent Lane. Today, we are at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park in Walton County, Florida and this place is beautiful. If you have ever thought about camping in someplace that you have seen on the TV or maybe in the movies, then you will want to look at booking your next camping trip right here.

    Perfect cant begin to describe this park, with more than three miles of emerald waters and white sandy secluded beaches, with majestic dunes over 25 feet tall. There are three rare coastal dune lakes providing excellent canoeing, kayaking, and freshwater fishing opportunities.

    Katherine Schaefer: You know, as far as I know, I have never even heard of this park and some friends mentioned it and we said, lets do it.

    John Schaefer: Absolutely gorgeous, we love it! Lots of nice pines, there is a great breeze, we love the sandy beach with the dunes.

    Brent Lane: Clean camp grounds, with a tram to take you to the wonderful beaches.

    Fred Provost: We have got something for everyone here at the park. If you want to go to the beach, we have got plenty of beach; if you want to go for a hike or a bike ride, we have got miles of trails; and we have got great fishing, both off the shore and inland on the freshwater ponds. If you want to just come in, kick back and relax, you can do that too.

    Brent Lane: If you like to watch prefect scenery from your car, ride Highway 30A, a breathtaking drive along the Gulf Coast full of charm.

    I am now in the master-planned community of Seaside, Florida, just footsteps away from Topsail Hill, and I will tell you what, this is such a prefect community. You will remember it from the movie The Truman Show featuring Jim Carrey. And when it comes to master-planned communities, it doesnt get any better than this. This place is perfect!

    Randy Holder: Well, Seaside has been here since the early 80s; Bob Davis founded it. He is rather famous now for it. This is whats referred to as the first New Urbanist development in the world.

    Got a hike requirement on any buildings at 48 feet and we have got signed ordinances and noise ordinances that go along with most of the development around here.

    Brent Lane: This is Brent Lane, reporting from the wonderful and more than prefect Topsail Hill Preserve State Park.