Top Holiday Packaging Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Delores Killette of the US Postal Service demonstrates how to pack and ship packages so that gifts arrive on time and in one piece for the holidays.

    Delores Killette: Hi! I am Delores Killette from United State Postal Service and I'm showing you how to properly pack and ship holiday gifts. Cushion items with double wrap, newspaper, just to make sure that they don't shift in transit. While it's been proven that popcorn makes excellent cushioning material, make sure you cushion all sides of your article. Close, and shake the box just to make sure that it's well-cushioned. If it's not, open it up, and put more cushioning in.

    Mark packages Fragile in large print on the outside of the box on any items that you are sending that might be breakable, and it's good idea to write it on all sides of the box. We're ready to seal it. You want to make sure that you seal the top and the bottom of the box and use at least three strips of tape. Remember, you're using packing tape. Just a little added security here.

    So as you can see, that's how you properly tape up your box. Remember, three strips around top and bottom, just a little safety measurement on the side. Box is solid and properly taped. On behalf of the United States Postal Service, happy holiday!