Top Manufacturing Jobs in Demand

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julie Baumgartner from describes some of the jobs in demand in the ever-growing manufacturing industry.

    Julie Baumgartner: A manufacturing industry produces a wide variety of goods from everything from beverages to consumer electronics to clothing and textiles.

    In recent years, the industry job growth has skyrocketed to about 38%. With more positions opening up, the industry itself is making a come back from the recession. Plastics and auto manufacturing are also two huge producers in the manufacturing industry.

    There is even a high demand in the manufacturing of medical machines including ones designed for cancer research. With so many different areas of manufacturing, the desire for skilled workers is ever growing with companies offering openings for machinists, operators and other positions of similar specialties.

    With the shortage of skilled workers out there, the starting salary of about $45,000 is going to get bumped up in the next few years. Most of these manufacturing jobs are located throughout the Central United States. Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, and Indiana are some of the highest demanding states for the manufacturing industry.

    However, even cities like New York and Los Angeles are vastly growing areas for high demand manufacturing jobs. In recent years, hiring in the manufacturing industry was the strongest it's been since pre-recession times and if this year is any better than its predecessor, it's guaranteed to be a good year for many.