Top Sales Jobs

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    President and CEO of Brian Alden discusses how to find the top sales jobs.

    Brian Alden: An occupation in the sales industry can range greatly. From sales clerk to sale engineers to sales managers, there is a vastly populated career. Many of the top paying jobs are projected to grow 12% to 16% by 2020 according to the department of labor.

    An effective sales team remains crucial for profitability. As the economy grows organizations will focus on generating new sales and will look to their sales strategy as a way to increase competitiveness.

    If you are interested in a job in sales, some of the most promising jobs would be in sales management, sales engineers, financial services sales or wholesale and manufacturing sales representative.

    According to the Department of Labor, the average salary in these top fields range from 56000 to 99000 annually.

    While it does pay well, most sales jobs come with a stressful work environment, long hours and travel. Your success is directly related to meeting sales goals and client's needs. So you want to be sure this job would fit your needs.

    Most of these jobs require a bachelor's degree, but an MBA will help with career advancement. The job market is extremely competitive; therefore a certification and a graduate degree in business or finance can significantly improve an applicant's prospects.

    For entry level jobs having an excellent right point average and college is important. There are many positives to working in sales including great pay and a growing and expanding market along with room for advancement.

    So if you are on the competitive edge in business, consider looking into sales to further your career.