Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Life

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Motivational speaker Ria Benedict discusses the top 10 things you can do to improve your life.

    Ria Benedict

    I left my job as a high profile government official and attorney to pursue my passion -- establishing I-LOVE-ME, LLC and the i-love-me collection.  This business was created from my own journey to love myself after a life of being a perfectionist, overworking, major health issues, a 6-year unfulfilling marriage (and subsequent divorce), and doing what everyone else wanted me to do and be.  When I started to put ME first, everything in my life changed:  I lost 50 pounds, developed good boundaries with others, learned how to say "no," eliminated the dis-eases that ruled my life, and put my work life in proper perspective.  I also re-established a relationship with my father after 18 years of silence between us.  In short, my gray world turned to color by making one decision to have a better life -- a life I deserved.  Now, I feel grateful for everything that has happened and will happen in my life.

    People often asked me what I did to make such a radical change and what I was doing that gave me my new "glow."  Some even said it appeared I had reinvented myself.  It was then that I realized that my story is not unique -- many women suffer from the same neglect that can only happen when she takes care of everyone and everything but herself. 

    The i-love-me collection is dedicated to all women who need a reminder or want to be inspired by the message that she is a woman before she is a wife, sister, daughter, mother, friend, or co-worker.  It is an invitation to pursue a life of self-love.  I now have a website that features the successful journeys of other women and seeks to become a place where women can feel supported when they otherwise feel like a team of one. 

    BE loving, happy, yourself, free.

    Ria Moore Benedict: Hi, I am Ria Moore Benedict, and I am from the Washington D.

    C. area. I am formal lawyer who started a company called i-love-me, LLC. The company is all about inspiring women to take care of themselves, so it s empowering collection of items that make a woman feel good herself, how to raise her self esteem, called i-love-me, i-love-me collection. The reason I started this collection in this company was based on my own personal journey through a lot health issues, weight issues, relationship issues and I was able to over come all of those things and I want to share that message with you. So, today we better talk about the top ten things that you can do to improve your life.