Top Tropical Garden Plants

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Horticulturist Mitch Baker shares his tips to add color to the garden by adding tropical plants that flower throughout the hottest summer months.

    Mitch Baker: Being outdoors on the Deck or Patio is synonymous with the summer season. Add some color and variety to your outdoor living space, with tropical flowering plants. We have got a selection of some easy to care for, maintenance free, long blooming tropicals here, that you can't mess with. So let's start over here on the right with the classic Mandevilla, that Rose pink flower with the, deeply corrugated leaves, next to it, the crimson red or deep red Dipladenia with the slightly glossy leaf, and of course the yellow Allamanda. Now all three of these belong to the same family, so their care and culture is the same, they prefer to be watered sparingly. Meaning they like to use up available water before you water them again, and you want to feed these tropical plants monthly, so that they continue to bloom through the warm season. No outdoor living space would be complete without the classic, flowering Hibiscus. You know huge range of colors, from the, the deep golden yellows like this to pinks and reds and violets and white, beautiful, blooming all summer long. Also down here the Lantana, Lantana produces small flowers in clusters again over the whole summer season, in a huge range of bright, candy colors, you can't go wrong with something like Lantana. The newest introduction to the Mandevilla family, is this one from the Sun Parasol collection, called Stars and Stripes, and I love that one with that deep crimson blossom, and the white stripes on it really showy. Great lining or trailing plant like all the Mandevilla's to grow, either freestanding on a pot or grown then up with trailers. Cared for properly, these tropical plants will flower all summer long and keep your deck or patio looking great through the season.