Top US Adventure Destinations

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    US News Travel ranks their top three destinations for unforgettable adventure vacations in the US.

    Julie Epstein: For most people a great vacation means plenty of rest and relaxation. For others it means getting the adrenaline pumping.

    For those of you who crave exploration, here are our top three adventure destinations in the U.

    S. With misty rain forests, plummeting waterfalls and jagged cliffs Kuaia Hawaii is the tropical paradise that stags are number three spot.

    Countless natural wonders and miles of cliff side trails call to entrap the travelers. Plus seemingly endless trips of shoreline welcome anyone searching for the perfect wave.

    Next in our list is Yosemite National Park located in Northern California this national treasure is home to mountains, meadows, massive sequoia trees and the countries tallest waterfall.

    Endless opportunities for outdoor activities attract adventure lovers. While wildlife enthusiast can spend there days watching majestic animals mingle in the lush valley.

    Our top adventure vacation is Yellowstone National Park, blessed with geothermic wonders like Old Faithful and Mammoth hot springs. America's oldest national park offers miles of undisturbed wilderness that back into adventure thirsty visitors.

    Hike the parks numerous trials and come face to face with this abundant wildlife or setup camp to experience this natural wonder at night.

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