Traditional Apple & Honey Cake

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    International Chef Amy Riolo shares her recipe for a simple and delicious Apple and Honey cake that is perfect for celebrating any Jewish holiday.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I am Chef Amy Riolo and today we are making apple, almond, and honey cake.

    The first thing we are going to do is to start by putting our butter and sugar into the bowl and I am just going to stir these together. So now that; that's getting mixed up I am going to add in my eggs, just one at a time. We are just mixing this all together to incorporate everything and this is looking really very nice. You can see how smooth and lemony that is right now. That's exactly where we want it to be.

    So while that's setting I am going to go ahead and butter and flour the bottom of this 10 inch spring form cake pan. Now we can go ahead and add in our dry ingredients. So the first thing is a cup-and-half of all-purpose flour, then I am going to stir in my ground toasted almonds. Now the last dry ingredient that I am going to add in, are my chopped cookies.

    You are looking for a total of about a half of a cup and then I am going to add in my zest of one orange in this zest of one lemon. Then I am going to stir in a third cup of espresso. You don't have an espresso on hand, you can definitely add coffee or espresso powder and then we are going to add my orange juice. And then we have 3 tablespoons of honey. Then I will add my apples and these are just apples which I have diced up.

    The next thing I am going to add is my almond extract, and we need just about a teaspoon of this. So now that; that's worked in and incorporated, I am going to go ahead and pour it into my pan. Then I will place it into a 400 degree oven and we will bake for about 40 to 45 minutes until the top is golden and when you press your finger on the inside of the cake it springs back.

    I am going to let it sit here, until it gets cool about 30 minutes to an hour and then we will go ahead and take it out and sprinkle it with some powdered sugar. So here we have our apple, almond, and honey cake. This is perfect for the Jewish Holydays. Enjoy!