Transform Look from Day to Night

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fashion expert Caroline O’Neil discusses how to transform a look from day to night.

    Cindy: Hi! I am Cindy at Fashion Exchange, I am here with Wilma and we are going to talk a little bit about evening and Wilma has to go to work, so she has her jacket on and this wonderful leopard print skirt. These printed animal prints are very big and so that's what she has on for work, it looks fine. She has nice tailored slingback shoes for work. But let's see how she might go from work out to dinner and she is going out to a very nice dinner. She is going to take her jacket off and you are going to see that the dress is underneath, it is not a skirt but it is a dress and she won't need her sunglasses in the evening. But she might want to have a just a sweater to throw over her shoulders in case it gets chilly in the restaurant or wherever she is going. So she can throw that over her shoulders and she wouldn't carry the work bag that she took to work in the morning, she would carry a smaller bag for evening, something just to get her lipstick and her money in and she is ready to go. I have on already an evening outfit. I can wear this sweater set to work in the daytime and just take a skirt with me that folds up and put it on and go out in the evening, put some jewelery on. Jewelery always helps to dress up an outfit and it makes us go from day to night. So this is a easy way to change your wardrobe from day to evening. Our next segment, we are going to talk about the mirror and how the mirror can be your best friend.