Transitioning the Day Look into an Evening Look

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Professional make up artist James Cornwell demonstrates how to create a natural daytime makeup look that will transition into the evening including tips for taking the day look into night.

    James Cornwell: Hey there! This is James Cornwell and I am at the PR & Partners in Mazza Gallerie. Today we are showing you how to do a natural daytime look that will transition in for the evening. And in this segment, I am going to show you how to finish off the brows to enhance the face shape and also a quick little demonstration on how to take your daytime makeup to an evening look. So we will start with the brow. Generally, you want to start by brushing them. I am using a mascara wand and a lot of people at home don't have an eyebrow brush so just use a little mascara wand, it does just the same job. Just as good of a job. And you want to brush up to the natural peak of the eye and then bring the outside of the brow down working with the way the hair grows. Most people try to force an unnatural brow and you really want to follow the natural shape but then enhance it. Depending upon how much color you have on your brows or if there is hair missing from some waxing accident. You can always take a little color and fill in. if you need to fill in on an outside or even just a little touch to the insets to help enhance. But for a day look, just brushing them out and then adding a little bit of a brow set is the best way to get your brows to look natural and to enhance the daytime look. But definitely don't be afraid of a little color on the brow. It definitely will help bring out the face shape specially going to an evening look which we will transition to now. What I like to do for an evening look is to put some depth to the eye shadow. Add a little eyeliner; put a little color on the brow. And you are good to go. So for eye color, I am using the same colors that we did last time. I am just going to add a little depth to the inset, make it a little smokier. By doing this, I start in the center of the eye this time and work my color left or right on the eye until I have the actual tone that I want. You can also bring the color a little further up almost to the eye bone just to do a little blending. You really create a great smoky look for the evening. Again, make sure your application is even. You start at the same place on both eyes.

    Then you could bring it down a little bit on to the eye lid. It helps bring the darker color for the evening. Once you have that, then you can go in with your blending brush to blend out with a little highlight just like we talked before in the other segment on the eyes, just to bring the color and the look together. Open up your eyes and there you have a lot more depth to the color. It's blended out but you can really tell that she is ready for the evening with the eyeliner depending upon your eye shape. I tend to like to bring the eyeliner to the outside of the eye to give a dramatic look for the evening. That's where people are going to see the most color. And then from here you can add a little liner to the bottom just to enhance the eye. Look up for me. And depending upon the type of look that you like you can go heavier, you could go smokier, but this is a quick little way to really spice up your look before you head out to happy hour or for that hot date, you might have. Always check in your balance to make sure your color is equal and there you have a fantastic look for the eyes to take out on the town. For your brow, I would say you have a natural brown color or you need a little darker color like a black just take a little bit of a lining brush, dip it into the powder which is fantastic for just filling in the brow and make sure you look at the balance and know exactly where you have to put the color. And I tend to just go back and forth to get the darkness on to the skin until I feel like I have the correct balance of color and also working in the shape that I want. Then once you have that simply go back over with your brush, your eyebrow brush or your mascara wand, either one will work. And just bring the color together along with the brow set that's already in there. To finish off brushing up the brows and there you have a fantastic day to evening look. You can let your hair down. Fix the fringe. Shake it out a little bit and you are ready for happy hour or that hot sexy date.