Traveling to Perdido Key

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Janice Jones takes you on a tour of Perdido Key, near Pensacola, Fl to learn more about it’s white sandy beaches and azure waters.

    Janice Jones: Sparkling sand, dancing sea oats, and miles of peaceful quiet, this is a key of a unique kind, Perdido or Hidden Key on the western-most shoreline of Florida's Panhandle is the perfect place to discover, an all water all the time vacation. Male Speaker: Yeah, this is our first time to Big Lagoon and our family is loving it. We've had the best day. We have been on her paddle-boarding for six hours.

    Janice Jones: Paddle-boarding, kayaking, fishing, kite surfing, you name it. This is a one-stop shop for all things water.

    Male Speaker: We get up and have nice breakfast, go out on a boat and the kids like the tube and ski, and then hopefully get to do some fish-net, they are going to maybe back tubing and skiing in the afternoon.

    Janice Jones: A 16-mile stretch of un-crowded easy access simply stunning shoreline, with shimmering water and the occasional day with crashing waves, even a cloudy day seems brilliant on this white sand beach.

    Christina Jolly: It's extraordinary here. They are crystal clear, there is lots of fish, shells, we see dolphins a lot in it, especially early in the morning.

    Janice Jones: And birds, birds and more birds. Perdido rightly stakes its claim as part of the National Birding Trail. There are two state parks, Big Lagoon and Perdido Key and an expanse of the national seashore all within Perdido's boundaries.

    Christina Jolley: You know, it's really family-oriented here and you can take your kids, walk around, and just a great place to come for a vacation.

    Kids: Welcome!

    Christina Jolley: Here's your strawberry.

    Janice Jones: Thank you!

    Christina Jolley: No problem!

    Janice Jones: No beach day is complete without a cool treat.

    Great restaurants and friendly faces compliment Perdido's natural treasures. At this favorite local spot, Sunset Grill, you can say good bye to the sun, just for the evening with this stunning view of the intercostal, and fill your belly with their seaside fair like a Grouper Reuben and Scallop Tacos or Blackened Shrimp with plenty to explore and satisfy. Perdido's sweet spot may just be that you can have all this practically to yourself.

    This is simply Florida, in Perdido Key. I am Janice Jones.