Tricks To Avoid Sweet Treats

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Fitness expert John Basedow discusses his top tips to avoid candy during the Halloween season.

    John Basedow: Hey guys! I'm John Basedow with some tricks to avoid treats. Now if you are trying to be the sexy witch this Halloween, instead of dumpy pumpkin, or maybe if you're a guy, trying to be Captain America instead of a Michelin Man, follow these for success.

    Number one; now, a lot of times, especially if you are not one of the most visited houses, you're going to have Halloween candy wrapped over. So when buying candy to set yourself up for success like we talked about, you want to buy some candy you don't like; candy that's not going to be tempting after Halloween to overeat.

    Number two; when the kids come back with all their booty, don't let them sit there and eat it all in one night so they fill sick and miserable afterwards. Remember, candy has an extremely long shelf life. You may have enough candy there for a year, portion it out. Have a piece or two a day even if the first day you have more, because you're so excited and then everytime your kid has a piece or even you have a piece of that candy, you're going to remember the fun times of Halloween; it brings back some good memories.

    And finally, I know this is not a popular choice, but there're healthy alternatives that can be given out for Halloween. There're individual packets of raw nuts or mixed nuts or nuts and raisins that can be mixed in with some of the not so fitness friendly treats so that Halloween can become festive and a little bit more fitness oriented. But anyway, follow those tricks; enjoy your treats, but don't lose you waistline in the process.