Trimming the Asparagus

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Personal chef Lynn McKee provides tips on trimming asparagus before cooking.

    Lynn McKee

    I started my own personal chef business in August 2001. I am a self taught chef and I love to cook. It makes people happy, and that makes me happy. I have had articles featured in local magazines, and was voted in the top 10 personal chefs by Washingtonian magazine in 2003. I cook a variety of different items, under the heading of homestyle cooking

    Lynn McKee: Hi, I am Lynn with Lynns Meals in Minutes Personal Chef Service. Today, we are making flounder asparagus rolls with cheesy spinach mashed potatoes. I am going to show you now how to prepare the asparagus for the final assembly. You are going to need, for each serving you are going to need between four and five spears of fresh asparagus. Depending on size, these are fairly thin, so I decided to use five. We want to wash them first, rinse them off, then what you can do is you can take the asparagus spear and just bend it and that will break at the natural point, where the tough end will be discarded and youll just have the tender upper part and tip. Okay, so go ahead and do that for the rest. Its just if you find it, just exactly where it goes. Now, these will not cook fully in the 20 minutes that the asparagus rolls are going to be in the oven. So, what you are going to want to do is you are going to want to partially cook them before they go in. I have a microwave vegetable steamer; you could use a regular vegetable steamer. You could just put them on a plate and cover them with Saran Wrap or even a paper towel and put them in the microwave for about two minutes or even plunge them into boiling water for about a minute-and-a-half to two minutes. So, I am going to go put these in the microwave for two minutes and then when we come back, well get the flounder fillets and well assemble the rolls for baking.