Tropical Grilled Tuna

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Transport yourself to a tropical location with this delicious tuna dish. Chef Phil Anderson will demonstrate how to make this beachy dish.

    Philip Anderson: Hi! I'm Chef Phil Anderson, Executive Chef for Harris Teeter. I'm going to make a Tropical Grilled Tuna for you today, and right now, I've got a half of a pineapple. I've got to grill that up, because there is a salsa that's going to go on it making it tropical. I have Yellowfin Tuna, two stakes, that I'm going to season with a little salt and pepper and spray it down with a little spray, everything down.

    Okay, then I'm just going to turn these over and do the same thing with the salt and pepper and spray it down again. Good, okay. Alright, we've got direct heat, nice and hot, and indirect heat, that's not so hot, in fact, it's not on at all. We're going to put both of the pineapple and the tuna on the direct heat.

    So we're going to grill these pineapples till they get nice marks on them. We just want that smoky flavor, a couple of minutes on each side. The tuna is not going to move for little while, so little colder towards the front of the grill than it is towards the back. Now I'm going to take this pineapple and I'm going to refrigerate it for 20 minutes or half an hour or however long it takes it to get to cool temperature.

    I want this to be a cool salsa on a hot tuna. Okay, it looks like they are ready to take them and put them in a different heat and angle so that they can look really pretty when we take them off. Tuna is like the filet mignon of seafood. It's fantastic eating. Many people like it rare, medium rare, and again medium. So I like mine rare and I'm not going to do too much of the covered indirect cooking because it won't need that.

    I've gotten enough markings on it now that I can turn it over to the other side. Isn't that beautiful? Okay, we're ready to plate this up and then we're going to garnish it with some really beautiful, wonderful tropical salsa. Let's take this down here. Very nice!

    What I did to make the salsa was I used two jalapeo peppers, seeded and diced, two tablespoon of the minced fresh cilantro, two tablespoons of lime juice that was freshly squeezed, one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil. I had one small onion that I diced, and then I seasoned with a little salt and pepper, and then I took our chilled grilled pineapple, cut it up; put it with the rest of the salsa. I put the salsa over the tuna and there you have it, the Tropical Grilled Tuna, enjoy!