Tuna Recipes – Sesame Tuna

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bob Kiebler, Chef at Mortons The Steakhouse demonstrates how to prepare some great Tuna dishes including a sauted sesame encrusted tuna.

    Bob Kiebler: Hi! I am Bob Kiebler chef at Mortons Steakhouse. We are doing some good great tuna dishes today. Now I would like to do a sauted sesame encrusted tuna. We start with our same beautiful tuna steak, salt, pepper on each side; I have got some sesame seeds both black and white sesame seed mixed together. I am going to take the tuna place it in the pan with the sesame seeds; I am going to coat each side now this tuna is ready to be sauted. With the sauted tuna, you want to place your saut pan on the fire, let it get nice and hot. I am going to use about ounce of sesame oil that is going to be found in most, every grocery store. Now just before the pan starts to smoke or as it starts to smoke you want to place your tuna in there. Now this could be potentially a dangerous situation. So when you drop the tuna and you want to fine drop it away from you, not towards you where you get splash from the oil. So just put it down low, drop it in the pan. Now with the sesame tuna to have a nice rare medium rare tuna steak we are going saut it about a minute on each side.

    Now if you do prefer to have it cooked a little bit more than that you can do a minute on each side and you place all pan -- in a hot oven for another minute or two. The sesame encrusted tuna steak is now ready to be plated up. Coming up next we are going to make some tuna tartar which is a great appetizer, it is going to be raw spicy tuna.