Tuna Recipes – Tuna Tartare

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Bob Kiebler, Chef at Mortons The Steakhouse demonstrates how to prepare some great Tuna dishes including Tuna Tartar.

    Bob Kiebler: Hi! I am Bob Kiebler Chef at Morton's The Steakhouse. We are making some really great Tuna dishes today. This is a big favored appetizer it is Tuna Tartar which is a raw tuna which is flavored with the sesame and now the spices. We start with our tuna, it's going to be 6 ounce piece of Sushi grade Tuna. We are going to dice out in about quarter inch cubes, be careful when using a knife that you make sure your fingers are on the side of the blade not underneath the blade. It helps the slice the tuna if it's slightly frozen, a little firm. Now this dish is not cooked at all, so you want to make sure that your knife is spotless, sanitized, your cutting board is very clean, your hands are very clean. I am going to place the six ounce of the diced Tuna in a bowl then add about a teaspoon of salt maybe an eight of a teaspoon of white pepper, about a teaspoon of pure sesame oil. I am going to mix that all together. Now I am going to place that to the side while I slice up the other vegetables.

    We are going to use about 6 ounces of Roma tomatoes, quarter inched diced as well, we are going to place that in the bowl, salt, little white pepper, about a half a teaspoon of a pure sesame oil. We are going to take an Avocado, we are going to dice that as well, there is a neat way to dice an Avocado, you cut around the Avocado twist it, you have the seed which you can take out by sticking the knife in. Instead of having to peel the Avocado we can just cut that right in the shell there. We will make some little quarter inch slices both lengthwise and crosswise. It is a pretty delicate procedure, you don't want to break through the skin of the Avocado and cut yourself. Now that that is a sliced like that we can just the take the spoon, scoop out the Avocado and we have a diced Avocado. We are going to do a little salt, little white pepper, pinch of lemon juice and about another half teaspoon of sesame oil.

    Now that we have the ingredients ready, we can go ahead and plate up our Tuna Tartar. We are going to use a piece of butcher paper or wax paper, we have a stainless steel mold, it is about two and a half inches in diameter or you can use any type of a cylindrical mold, pick it up at any cook supply store. I am going to place the mold on the top of the paper. I am going to place the diced tomato that we have marinated with the sesame oil in the bottom, push it down a little bit. I am going to take the Avocado that we have diced up, place that on top of the tomato in the mold, push that down a little bit. Now to plate up, we are going to take some of that Thai Cream sauce that we made earlier, make a nice little design, maybe turning the plate here the other way. I have a little balsamic lays here which can even purchase in the store or you can make it by just putting the balsamic vinegar in the pot and reducing it down till it becomes thick.

    I am going to take probably about two tablespoons of Alfafa sprouts and I am going to place that right in the middle of the plate. I am going to put the tuna on top of the tomato and the Avocado and the mold. I am going to press that down. I have got some black sesame seeds here, we are going to sprinkle on that on top of the tuna. So I have got the tomatoes, the Avocado and then the tuna. We are going to take that, we are going to slide it off the paper, right on to the plate on to the bed of Alfafa sprouts and there is Tuna Tartar. Coming up next we are going to make some Sesame tuna burgers, they are little mini burgers, they really make a nice lunch.