Turkey Quesadillas

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Harris Teeter Executive Chef Phil Anderson teaches you how to make a delicious turkey quesadilla.

    Phil Anderson: Hi, I am Chef Phil Anderson, Harris Teeter's Executive Chef. We are going to make a Turkey Quesadilla today, it's really simple. We are going to use a flour tortilla, turkey, it's about four ounces and quarter of a cup of Monterey Jack cheese, your favorite salsa. So, we are going to turn up the heat to a kind of a medium heat, we don't want it too hot. We want to heat up the pan for just a second or so. We are going to add the olive oil, just a little bit.

    Now we know, when that olive oil starts to spread out in a pan, the pan is pretty hot and we can put tortilla on it. Okay, we are going to put that tortilla right on there and I am going to put the cheese, evenly distribute it, all around the tortilla. If you think , more cheese is better, but that's not true. We want to just put, enough to cover the bottom of it nicely, less is best.

    Now that's going to melt pretty fast. So, we are going to put the turkey down. Now, I am going to put the turkey only on one side, because if I flip it up, like I am going to, the turkey will fall off. So, I am only going to do it one side. That's nice. And you can hear the tortilla crisping out. See how it moves pretty easily. You know that it's not sticking to the pan. And even the turkey is getting a little warm.

    You know, you can always peak too, but best thing, best indication is, you want to keep the flame pretty low, lower it down a little bit more. It's crisping up nice, the bottom will be a little bit crisper on this side, because of the weight of the turkey. You can see the melting of the cheese. So, we know that underneath that's getting crisp. Okay, now what I am going to do is just flip this. Put it down a little bit. Push it down a little bit. So, the recipe reads that the salsa is on the side, but you can also put some salsa inside and there you have it, Turkey Quesadilla. Enjoy.