Turkey, Tomato and Avocado Sandwiches on Multigrain Bread

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Amy Riolo from Harris Teeter shows us how to make a Turkey, Tomato and Avocado Sandwiches on Multigrain Bread.

    Amy Riolo: Hi! I'm Chef Amy Riolo for Harris Teeter, and today we're making Turkey, Tomato and Avocado Sandwiches on Multigrain Bread. The ingredients which we'll need are; two slices whole wheat bread, one tablespoon no fat vanilla yoghurt, one half teaspoon Dijon mustard, one quarter teaspoon dried dill, one half ripe avocado sliced, one half Roman tomato sliced and three ounces cooked turkey breast.

    So let's begin. The first thing we have here is our toasted multigrain bread, these are two slices and I'm going to make a little bit of a dressing for them by mixing some vanilla yoghurt. I know that sounds very weird to put vanilla on a savory, but it works really well. It's a very light vanilla taste and it goes very well with the spiciness that we have in our Dijon mustard.

    So I'm going to take some of those and start whisking them together. I think, I will whisk the yoghurt right into the Dijon. This will make a nice little smear for the bottom of our sandwich bread. You can see it gets that nice color, it looks a lot like mayonnaise, but it has an even better flavor and of course it's better for us, its taste really good too.

    Just put half on the bottom and half on the top. Now we're going to take our dill and sprinkle it right in top. You can also mix it in, or you can sprinkle it this way, it just depends on what you like, both work equally well and taste great.

    Turkey and dill go very very well together. And then I'm going to take my avocado slices and just place them right on my bottom sheet, really close together. You could also mash this, just as you would a guacamole if you would like to. Then I'm going to add my turkey breast right on top of that and just flat in a little bit. Then I'll add my tomato slices and then turn your top piece over and press it right down on the top and there we have our Turkey, Tomato and Avocado sandwich on multigrain bread.