Tuxedo and Wedding Dress Chocolate Strawberries

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Rob Kingsbury of the ACKC Cocoa Bar demonstrates how to make tuxedo and wedding dress chocolate strawberries.

    Rob Kingsbury: Hi, I am Rob Kingsbury with the ACKC Cocoa Bar and today I am showing you how to dip and decorate beautiful strawberries. Right now I am going to go and do a little high-end couture strawberries. We are doing some tuxedo and wedding gown designs. To start off make sure you pick really nice large sized strawberries. In fact I don't have any right here but large stem strawberries when they are in season are awesome to work with but these are pretty nice sized strawberries anyway. So to start off with the Tuxedo berry, we first need to get it coated with a little white chocolate, let it set up and then we are going to come back and do a little vest design on it. So all you need to do with a tuxedo berry is dip one side of it , you are going to put that aside and let that set up for a second. So while that's setting up I am going to come through and we are going to get the wedding gown berry set up. So with this you want to make sure you cover it completely. And with this you also want to cover as much of the berry as you can. So unlike the other berries that we were decorating, this one giving it a lot of chocolate covering, it's going to give it the style of a natural wedding dress. Alright, so I just went and pulled the two strawberries that I dipped in white chocolate out the fridge. Just let them set up for about two minutes, bring them back out so the chocolate is nice and firm to work with. So what we are going to do for the tuxedo strawberry is we are going to dip it in dark chocolate giving it a V shape.

    So again you are just going to be working really with the front side of this but you need to make sure when you come in, it's almost like you are kind of shaping it so it looks like a little heart on the top of the berry. Again make sure you get as much of the extra chocolate off and then put it back down to set up. So this looks really nice, it has a nice V, it's looking like a formal dinner jacket. And then we are going to come back in and we are going to decorate it. So I am going to come in and just put a couple of little dark chocolate buttons on. This is where I am using or you could use a little toothpick or I am just using a little skewer, anything just to make some little dots on here. Beautiful. So we have given it a really beautiful formal look. We are getting the idea that this is a tuxedo and then just to finish it out I am just going to give it a little bit of bow tie. Alright that's one side and the other side. There you go. Alright so we finish up with the tuxedo and next I am just going to come in and do the wedding dress. This is where we are going to be able to use our paper cone and put it to good use. So just getting your paper cone prepped. You don't need a lot of chocolate for this. So you don't have to load up this cone actually with chocolate, just a few spoonfuls is all we really need, because a little bit of chocolate actually goes a long way. So I have only put in a little chocolate not even to fill the cone halfway up. I am going to take this and I am going to fold this to you so just like you would with a tube of toothpaste. Curl it down and then we will put little pressure on the tip and this has little bit of chocolate coming out but I am going to snip it with the scissors, open them up a little bit and then we are going to do a little bit of drizzle on here. We are just going to do a quick design of some white zigzag just along the bottom of it and then we are going to come back on the other way, give it a bit of the formal look, and then you can come back in and just put some little white dots of chocolate, give the look of a neckline. I have already done another strawberry and instead of using little dots of white chocolate I went through and used silver draggies. So if you have a steady hand and you want to do the draggies feel free, they take a little bit more time, cool. Anyways, that's it for the decoration part.

    I am going to put these in the fridge, let them set up and then when we will pull it off, only the chocolate that was actually put on the berry will remain, the other chocolate drizzle are going to stay on to the wax paper sheet. Our wedding strawberries have set up and chilled. They look beautiful and I hope you have enjoyed how to dip and decorate strawberries. The best part though is the eating. So let's finish that on a good note for myself and for you and I am going to enjoy a beautiful strawberry. Thanks so much.