Types of Suitcases & Bags for Travel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show the types of suitcases and bags for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron, with Baron International LLC, and today we are going to show you how to pack for travel. This segment is all about what suitcases, carry ons etcetera to use for your travel purposes and as you can see here I have a wide variety of things, I have narrowed it down to what I really want. To start off with, let's start off with your basics, your carry on.

    Your carry on, is it going to be a purse or what they call a tote that you wear around your body as such, very easy to travel with and this can substitute for a male bag, in other words, since men don't use purses, this is very easy for men, you can insert your passport and all types of documents in here. Makes your hands easy to do to other things that's like, drink a cup of coffee or talk to somebody next to you, if you use your hands. The other thing is you can also use little bags like this if you are a man and you can use these in your suitcase, in your carry on for toiletry items etcetera. These usually have a little bit more and then use make up bags.

    You are going to talk about your carry on. Carry on, it depends on what airline you are with, make sure you check all your airlines before you go on a certain flight, because they all have different regulations, sizes and I have just went with something that I know would go over well with any airline and that is a bag that is of the dimensions that are specified in most of the travel requirements. This bag in particular has a lot of compartments outside and inside, so you have places to put documents in here. For example, I have something that's really stiff that I put in here that way it won't be bent.

    This small one in particular is great to put keys and things like that, that make get jiggled around in your luggage and you may have to get quick access to them during your flight or your train ride or whatever you are on. Make sure you have something that has like I said the inner tie to keep things secure. Now this in particular, I have marked with a little tie, for me I choose pink, you can choose anything you like simple and this way it's easily identified because a lot of people travel with, for example, black luggage.

    Now we move on to the major suitcase, things were getting more hectic with travel regulations as far as what can we take and what can't we take and also the size of how much we can take. Let's put it this way, smaller the better, so the lighter the better as well. You want to pick suitcases and carry ons that are very light weight and this one in particular can have the openings on the outside, so again easy access to whatever you need inside here.

    Remember no luggage can be secured with a lock but wherever you are going you may want to lock it once you get there. Again, this suitcase in particular I have put the tie on it to specify that it's mine, that makes it very easy when you get to the carousel for the luggage pick up. You want to identify your bags with either your name in their, my last name is Baron, so I can either write it in there with pen and don't make it so small, make the letter in big. It is your luggage anyway. And if you don't want to mark up your luggage with your name you can always put your business card in there, tape it in there, out a few of them in there and this goes for your large bag as well and your carry on.

    The next thing we are going to be covering are the few essential things that you will need which are accessories for packing for travel.