U.S. Emergency Care Failing

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The American College of Emergency Physicians graded the United States with a “D” when it comes to its emergency medical services.

    United States health care isn’t getting high marks in any area lately and the latest report from the American College of Emergency Physicians continues the trend.  The annual report graded states on how well they support emergency care.  Let’s start with the overall picture.  As a country, the United States came up with a “D” when it comes to emergency medical services.  That’s definitely not making the honor roll.  The organization looked at five categories: Access to Emergency Care, the Quality and Patient Safety Environment, the Medical Liability Environment, Public Health and Injury Prevention, and Disaster Preparedness.  Researchers said it doesn’t matter they we may have the best medicine in the world if people can’t access it.  Here’s a scary thought they also left us with—“what if you’re in a car accident and you’re taken to an emergency room that isn’t ready for you, then your chances at survival are far less.”