UBR-1 Robot Revolution

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Unbounded Robotics, a spin-off of Willow Garage, announces their UBR-1 robot that boasts a lof of the performance of more expensive models for a lot less.

    A spin-off from Willow Garage calledUnbounded Robotics has developed a more affordable robot.  The UBR-1 is a human scale, one-armed robot with a mobile-manipulation platform and at $35,000 is 1/10th the cost of its predecessor the PR2 by Willow Garage. It has a 3Dsensor in it’s head, can pick objects up off the floor with it’s arm that boasts 7 degrees of rotation, and it has stereo microphones and a stereo speaker.  He’s a smooth operator, no?  Unbounded Robotics said yeah duh, the robot is going to be compared to the PR2 since they are Willow Garage alumni, but when you compare the specs “PR2 has two arms and costs almost $400,000 and UBR-1 has one arm and costs $35,000.”