Uganda’s African Lion in Danger

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    A new study from the University of St. Andrews in conjunction with the Wildlife Preservation Society shows that Uganda’s African lion population is severely suffering from angry herders seeking vengeance on the natural predators.

    A group of scientists from the University of St. Andrews along with the Wildlife Conservation Society say that Uganda’s African lions are on the verge of disappearing.  Usually climate change is to blame.  Not in this case, it’s a story of vengeance. Local cattle herders poison the lions as payback for livestock predation among other human-lion conflicts.  The team estimated that the population is down 30% in their study by luring lions to a vehicle to count them.  The lion is not only vital to the local ecosystem to ensure the proper balance of predator vs. prey, but also to Ugandan tourism as most visitors shell out dough to see the king of the jungle.