Ultimate Frisbee Drills

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frisbee expert Reid Attaway demonstrates how to do Ultimate Frisbee drills.

    Reid Attaway: Hi, I am Reid Attaway of Madison Bumblers Ultimate Frisbee team and this is how to play ultimate Frisbee.

    In this section, we will be discussing some drills that you can use to work on skills in Ultimate Frisbee. First of all, we are going to start off with the Come-To drill. The drill begins with the person with the disc saying go or start and the person at the head of the opposite line takes two hard steps away from the disc and runs up the sideline to receive it. Once a player throws the disc they should make their way to the end of the opposite line. At this point, the drill is reset and can run continuously. This drill should be run to both, the forehand side, and the backhand side, so the players are able to use both throws when running the drill. When running becomes two drill, one should emphasize running as hard as possible until after catching the disk to minimize the defender's ability to get to the disc before you. Next, we will be discussing the Endzone drill. The Endzone drill is set up the same way as the Come-To Drill, the difference being, that it is set in the endzone and each line starts at opposite ends. The drill begins with the disc on the go line near the sideline. The player with the disc calls start or go and the player at the back of the second line cuts at the front cone to receive the disc.

    Next, the player who started the drill runs straight into the endzone and back out in what is referred to as a dump cut. Once the dump cut is made and the disc is received, the person at the front of the first line makes two hard steps at the disc and cuts straight away from the disc, which is referred to as a swing cut. Once the swing cut is made and the disc is received, the drill is set to be run on the opposite side of the field and can run continuously from this point on. This drill emphasizes making cuts at the cone and knowing how to dump and swing cut should the person with the disc becomes stranded or trapped in the game situation.

    I am Reid Attaway of Madison Bumblers Ultimate Frisbee, and this has been, how to play Ultimate Frisbee. I hope this video has increased your understanding of the game of Ultimate Frisbee and I hope to see you out on the field. 1