Ultimate Frisbee Rules & Strategy

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Frisbee expert Reid Attaway demonstrates the rules and strategy for Ultimate Frisbee.

    Reid Attaway: I am Reid Attaway member of the Madison Bumblers Ultimate Frisbee team and this is how to play Ultimate Frisbee.

    In this segment, we will be going over some of the rules and strategy for Ultimate Frisbee. Ultimate Frisbee is unique and that it is self-officiated, there are no referees or umpires in Ultimate Frisbee and this condition of the game facilitates good sportsmanship. Players must discuss things before making a call, if a foul is called by a defense man, he and the offending offense player will discuss it and decide if the call should stand. When a player catches the disc in Ultimate Frisbee, they have 10 seconds to get rid of the Frisbee once they have a defense man guarding them. The defense man calls out this count loudly, so that as many people as possible can hear it on the field. The thrower has until the T in the word 'Ten' to throw the disc away. Once a player catches the disc, they have technically three steps before they have to stop running, but because you are always cutting really hard when you catch the Frisbee, most people just stop as quickly as they possibly can.

    Once stopped, you must establish the pivot foot, if you pick up this pivot foot, the defense man can call traveling on you. The most basic form of play and strategy in Ultimate Frisbee is the man-to-man defense or the man-to-man offense. In man-to-man defense, the person guarding the disc cuts off half of the field by marking only one side of the person with the disc. The players defending in the field stand on the opposite side of their players to cut off cuts to the side that throws are allowed to go to.

    Next, we will be discussing some of the drills that you can use to improve your skills in Ultimate Frisbee. 1