Ultra Formal Daytime Tuxedos

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Formalwear expert Ted Poulos discusses ultra formal daytime tuxedos.

    Ted Poulus: I am Ted Poulus with Sarno and Son tuxedo. Today I am going to show you how to choose a tuxedo for your wedding. I have Brian with me who is going to demonstrate the look of an ultra formal daytime attire.

    Ultra formal came into existence back in the early teens early twenties or late teens or early twenties and it's back when the tuxedo started evolving. There was a young lady named Emily Post who wrote the book on etiquette and back at that time there was basically only four tuxedo styles.

    Planning a wedding that is one step above formality in which you are having at least 300 guests, the guests are required to wear a tuxedo to your wedding, in other words the invitation is black tie. The formality of the gowns is probably the most formal that a wedding gown and bridesmaid's dresses can be.

    Then the groom has a specific look. It's one notch above a formal tuxedo and that's an ultra formal tuxedo such as Brian is wearing. Brian is wearing the gray cutaway jacket. It's a cut away because it's a one button jacket; it cuts away in the front to a swallowtail in the back as we can see the back of the jacket. It has a plate comes down to a swallowtail.

    The accessories with the gray cutaway jacket are also very specific. The vest that Brian is wearing is called a dove gray vest or banker's gray. The tie is an ascot tie. The shirt is a quarter inch pleat wing collar shirt. These are very specific items that should be worn with the gray cutaway.

    The trousers are a hickory stripe trouser and the shoes of course are a black patent finish shoe. This is the attire for the groom for an ultra formal wedding in the day time that takes place before 4 o' clock PM.

    Now I have Dominic in the ultra formal attire for the best man, the ushers and the fathers. Dominic is wearing a complementing outfit to the great cutaway that we just saw Brian wear. Dominic is wearing the gray stroller. The tie is a four-in-hand tie with the same pattern as a ascot tie.

    The shirt that Dominic is wearing is the same quarter inch pleated front shirt except the collar is a spread collar shirt as opposed to the wing collar shirt that we had Brian wear. The vest is the same vest, dove gray or banker's gray vest. The jacket is a two button jacket; it's a gray stroller jacket. It has peak lapels on the front; you'll notice there is no satin on the front of the lapels. That's considered as self face lapel and a self face top collar. The top button is buttoned, the trousers are the same trousers; a hickory striped trouser. This completes the look for the best man the ushers and the fathers.

    Now we are going to take a look at Brian and Dominic together in the two ultra formal attires with Brian in the gray cutaway that the groom would wear and Dominic in the gray stroller jacket. And then, next I will show you the look of the ultra formal evening wedding.