Ultra Formal Evening Tuxedos

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Formalwear expert Ted Poulos discusses ultra formal evening tuxedos.

    Ted Poulus: I am Ted Poulus with Sarno and Son Tuxedo and today I am going to show you how to choose a Tuxedo for your wedding. The look that we are going to be showing you right now is the ultra formal look for an evening wedding, a wedding that takes place after 4 o'clock PM.

    Brian, my model is wearing the full dress black tails. Whenever the invitation is accented by the words full dress black tails or white tie, this is a look that should be achieved. It's a black tail jacket; it has six buttons on the placket. The placket stays open in the front. It doesn't button. It should stay about an inch to two inches open in the front as you see it does.

    The shirt that Brian is wearing is a white pique shirt. Pique because of the pronounced pattern in the front placket of the shirt. The vest is a white pique vest. The bow tie that Brian is wearing is a white pique bow tie and you could see the pique shirt is a wing collared shirt.

    The jewelry; white simulated pearl or white pearl if you have it, studs for the front of the shirt and cufflinks for the sleeve of this shirt. The jacket in the back is a single pleat open vent jacket in the back. It hangs down a little bit to the calf line of the customer. The pocket square is a white silk pocket square in the front.

    Again, ultra formal attire is worn after 4 o'clock PM, it's for an ultra formal wedding and put it in perspective all tuxedos are formal. Whenever you elevate it to the ultra formal stance, the wedding party usually has at least 300 attendants. The wedding is taking place again after 4 o'clock PM. The invitation usually denotes that the attendants, the guests of the wedding should also wear a tuxedo. So you have a very ultra formal ambiance and atmosphere of the wedding.

    Now I have my next model, Dominic. Today the fashion has elevated to another degree. This is also an ultra formal look for a wedding after 4 o'clock PM. This is the fashion look of the traditional black tails that you just saw Brian in.

    Dominic is wearing the white tailed jacket, the exact same features as the full dress black tails. Open in the front, six buttons on the plackets. Dominic is wearing the white satin vest. The white wing collar shirt with a quarter inch pleat as opposed to the pique shirt, white pearl studs, white cufflinks and the back of jacket has the same features.

    It's a double pleat, single vent jacket in the back, comes down to the calf and it's thefashion look for an ultra formal wedding after 4 o'clock PM. That is the look of the ultra formal evening attire and next we are going to show you the traditional formal attire.