Uncool Outcome Of Using Frozen Glassware

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Julia Herz, Publisher from CraftBeer.com, explains why frozen glassware is not good for drinking craft beer.

    Julia Herz: Hi! I am Julia Herz publisher of Craftbeer.

    com which is a website by the Boulder Colorado-based Brewers Association. Today we are talking about frosted glassware and why it is not preferred when serving craft beer.

    When most people enjoy a craft beer, they usually prefer to pour it into a glass and the temperature of the glass is something very important when it comes to allowing full enjoyment of each craft brewed beer's flavor and aromatics.

    Many beer lovers and retailers freeze their beer glasses. Although chilled in room temperature glasses are acceptable to most brewers a frozen glass has disadvantages that make it not cool to use.

    Frozen glassware will create foaming due a sheet of ice being formed when the beer is introduced to the glass. Additionally drinking beer from the frozen glass is like chipping the ice of the inside of your freezer and using that as icing your glass. This is not ideal unless you want to know what the inside of your freezer taste like.

    A poll on craftbeer.

    com asked what people would do if they were inappropriately served a craft beer in a frosted glass? More than 52% of respondents said they would tell management that the beer should not be served in such a cold glass and that they might consider asking if a customer wants a frosted glass first and 13% said they would refuse the beer and ask for another served in a glass at a proper temperature.

    Serving beer in a frosted glass is not something likely intended by the craft brewer. So keep this in mind, if you're ever presented with a frosty one. And in summary, room temperature or slightly chilled glassware is a sure bet when enjoying your craft beer, but freezing the glasses is just not cool.