Understanding Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Love

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Feng shui expert Carol Olmstead discusses how to understand feng shui tips for attracting love.

    Carol Olmstead: I am Carol Olmstead and this is Feng Shui tips for attracting love. The first thing to understand about Feng Shui is that we divide your house into nine different areas each related to a different aspect of your life, like wealth and health and love, the topic we are talking about today. We stand at the front door of your home looking in and the upper right-hand corner is called your love area. In this home that happens to be a den and the easiest way to bring love into your home is to make sure you have pairs of things in your love area as in this house we have a pair of chairs, a pair of candles and a pair of pictures. This sends the message that you can have a cozy get together with your spouse or significant other, it brings love into your home and speaking of this pair of very bright pictures, they are both red and that gets us to the issue of color in Feng Shui.

    In Feng Shui every color has it's own meaning and the color that deals with love is the red color. So when you are decorating this area that's consider the love area in your home, make sure you add some bright red artwork.

    Now let's go to the dining room and talk about romantic seating and more feng shui tips for attracting love.