Understanding Fish Compatibility for Your Aquarium

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Marine Biologist Jim Karanikas discusses what fish are compatible in your aquarium.

    Jim Karanikas: Hi, I am Jim from Tropical Fish World and I will talk to you a little bit about fish compatibility. One of the biggest issues that aquariums might have is like what fish go with what other fish. Some fish beat up other fish. May one fish eat another fish. So, I want to try to just simplify this for you. First of all, you want to make sure that if you are putting two fish together in the aquarium that one doesn't have a mouth big enough to fit another one of it's tank mates in its mouth. It's the matter what kind of fish it is, it's probably going to try to eat the other fish if it could fit in its mouth.

    Alright so you would never want to put fish this big, with mouths of that big or like the cat fish down here in the bottom that eventually get larger and with small fish like these guys right here because those certainly have mouths big enough to fit these in it and trust me they will try to eat them. Now, there are many many groups of fish and a lot of compatibility issues that fish have. Most of them, I can teach you in just a few minutes. So, it's best to talk to an expert at an aquarium store to let him help you choose the right fish for your aquarium. There are fish that get really large, if you want to ask the question how big is this fish going to get in my aquarium. So that if you are going to match it with some smaller fish, when it grows, it's not going to eat the smaller fish in your tank. Alright let's talk about some diseases, fish might get and how to recognize when fish aren't healthy or not feeling well.