Understanding How Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems Work

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls discusses the basics of how tire pressure monitoring systems work.

    Tyson Boyer: Hi! I am Tyson Boyer with Dill Air Controls. Today, I'm going to discuss what the tire pressure monitoring system Dashboard Light means. In the U.

    S. all passenger cars, SUVs and light trucks model year 2008 or newer are federally mandated to include a tyre pressure monitoring system. This safety system is designed to prevent accidents by alerting drivers of under inflated tires.

    There are two ways that tyre pressure monitoring will display on your dashboard. A solid light indicates one or more tires on the vehicle have lost 25% or more of its air pressure. This setting is based upon the proper inflation as indicated on the driver door placard.

    At vehicle startup, a flashing light indicates that there is malfunction in the tyre pressure monitoring system. The malfunction could be a broken sensor, a dead battery in the sensor which requires sensor replacement or a malfunction in the main control module, since it is not communicating properly with all of the sensors. Do not ignore this light. It is a federally mandated safety device and has been proven in saving lives.

    You wouldn't by a new car and ask for the airbags to be removed, would you? If your vehicle's tyre pressure monitoring light is on, visit your authorized tire service centre.