Understanding Non-Adherence to Medication

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Health benefit professional Tom Harte discusses the cost of medicine non-adherence, or not taking your medication as directed by your health care provider. Up to 70% of the cost of health care in the United States is the result of preventable healthcare conditions, and this video series addresses how medicine non-adherence places a tremendous burden on our nation’s economy as well as our physical health.

    Tom Harte: Hi! My name is Tom Harte. I'm a Board Member of the National Association of Health Underwriters and President of Landmark Benefits. Today, I'm going to be discussing the cost associated with medicine non-adherence or you're not taking your medications as directed by your healthcare provider.

    Did you know that up to 70% of cost of healthcare in the United States of America is a result of preventable healthcare conditions? Decisions that Americans make everyday have a dramatic impact on the cost of your health insurance premiums.

    In this video series I'll address the tremendous burden that medicine non-adherence places on our nation's economy as well as our physical health. Next, I'll discuss the financial impact that medicine non-adherence has on employers and it goes way beyond lost productivity. I'll also examine ways that employers can help to improve medicine adherence so that employees and bottom lines are healthier. Lastly, I'll provide useful tips so that we all understand the importance of taking our medications as directed.

    Let me tell you a little bit about myself and the National Association of Health Underwriters. NAHU represents more than one hundred thousand health insurance agents, brokers, and consultants who provide insurance to millions of Americans. Our members serve employers and individual consumers in accessing and purchasing affordable health insurance in related products.

    As a board member of NAHU I strive to effect positive change through involvement in the legislative process as well as industry and professional organizations. So let's get started understanding the high cost of medicine non-adherence.