Understanding Pool System Components

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kevin Braidic, Product Manager at Zodiac Pool Systems, discusses the different pool system components.

    Kevin Braidic: Hello! My name is Kevin Braidic, Product Manager with Zodiac Pool Systems. I am talking about how to select an automatic pool cleaner for your pool.

    When selecting the automatic pool cleaner, it's important to have a basic understanding of the features of your pool. So let's start with the pool skimmer. The skimmer is where the circulation system all starts. The skimmer captures debris of the pool surface in the filter skimmer basket.

    Next is the pool filter pump. The filter pump pulls water through the skimmer, through the pump basket, and then pushes water out through the pool's filter, heater and then back to the pool through the pool's return lines.

    Next is the dedicated cleaner line. Dedicated cleaner line is a line that's plumbed in the center of a long wall of the pool, solely for the purpose of operating the automatic pool cleaner. Before selecting the automatic pool cleaner, it's important to identify whether you have this line or not.

    Now, not all pools have a dedicated cleaner line. If in fact, you do have a dedicated cleaner line, there's a simple test to perform to determine whether you have a suction or pressure dedicated cleaner line. Simply take a leaf, we'll put it down in front of the dedicated cleaner line. We'll turn on the pool pump. If the leaf pushes out, we have a pressure line. If the leaf sucks in, we have a suction line.

    Next, we'll be talking about the automatic pool cleaners you have to choose from.

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