Understanding Prison Camp

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Prison Consultant Ed Bales explains the basics of prison camp.

    Ed Bales: Hi my name is Ed Bales Managing Director, Federal Prison Consultants, LLC. We are going to take few minutes and talk about prison camp. Prison camp is the lowest level security that you have an institutional type settings. There are no bars on the windows. Usually a very few guards usually, two guards per 300 inmates and usually you are in a setting that you would find in most college campuses. It is very relaxed, however it is prison, I must stress that. It is important both prior to sentencing and after sentencing that you speak to your prison consultant, criminal defense attorney, family and come up with a location that is good for both, them for visits, both you, so that you can take the advantage of prison programs, that may be reduce your sentence, and also take into consideration your medical conditions. All of these factors, make it much easier for you to discuss them before you go into the prison system.